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Company Profile

The Knowledge-based Maleki commercial was licensed by the Organization of Industry, Mines and Agriculture in 2013 with the objective of producing, processing and packaging healthy medicinal herbs and under two brands, “Elisso Sky” & “Clementa Herb”, was registered and collaborated with a group of graduates Medicinal plants commenced its activities.

The company carries out all its stages of production by using modern knowledge and experienced experts and continuously updating its production knowledge under the supervision of a team of academic experts and is continuously connected with knowledge-based companies in the field of producing organic and healthy products.

In its ten-year long-term program, the Company is committed to be determined as the largest company in producing healthy and natural products via standardizing its products and customer-oriented activities.

The Company welcomes the cooperation of all international pharmaceutical plants for the exchange of information in order to qualify products.

The goal of the Maleki Commercial is to promote the use of organic medicinal plants, with a high quality and international standards in order to promote the health of all members of the society and their reconciliation with nature. The Company is committed to maintaining its values such as product quality, customer orientation, trust and confidence, and sustainable development. Therefore, in order to create the products, needed by its customers around the world, it has a ten-year integrated program that constantly is updated with a view to changing knowledge and technology.

Today, Maleki commercial’s portfolio of products includes a wide range of medicinal herbs, spices and herbs, essential oils and gums, produced by the “Elisso Sky brand. These products are not found at the store level and are only introduced and supplied directly to foreign traders through the independent trained agents.


Maleki Commercial Co. is active in the production, distribution, and packaging of medicinal plants. We strive to increase our activity in the international market by providing a wide range of customer services, as well as providing targeted investment in the R & D sector as much as we value our products. Maleki Trading Co. is planning to become the largest and the first company to manufacture organic herbs using innovation and internationally recognized customers.

We want to be the first and the most famous Iranian company with Elissa brand in the field of production and processing of medicinal plants and production of products in accordance with quality standards.


The company is committed to providing the organic and healthy products needed to ensure reliability and quality higher than other competitors in Iran and the world. We want to provide the best cooperation experience for our customers. We believe that the success of this company is through the profitability and loyalty of our customers, and we try to achieve sustainable growth by employing motivated employees, quality products, commitment to the brand, the goals and aspirations of the company.

Company’s Objectives

  • Create an empowered, dynamic, and learner company with its own slogan.
  • Production, packaging and processing of medicinal plants in accordance with international standards.
  • Accurate market analysis, increasing market share, creating and maintaining leading position at the regional and global levels.
  • Optimal use of the latest modern technology to enhance the production of quality products.
  • Encouragement of creativity and innovation and motivation among employees of the organization (company).
  • Participation and cooperation with members of the Medicines Union in Iran and the world
  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction through the production of quality products.
  • Establishment of continuous communication between the university and knowledge-based companies in support of new ideas, up-to-date information and product quality.