Plant names

Scientific name: Carum carvi L.
Syn: Apium carvi (L.) Crantz., Seseli carvi Scop.
Generic name: Fructus Carvi
English names: Caraway fruit, Caraway seed, Caraway, Alcaravia, Carum.
Farsi names: Zireh, Zireh siah, Zireh siah oroopai.
Arabic names: Kervia, Komoon armani.


Plant specification

Plant family: Apiceae.
Organs Used: Fruits.
Type of active substance: Active substance of caraway is essential oil. The main active ingredients in caraway oil is carvone (45-65%), limonene and carveol.

Caraway health benefits: Caraway is a natural treatment for dyspepsia, hysteria, and similar disorders. Also, it is believed to be an effective stomachic. Distilled water extracted from caraway is believed to be an effective herbal remedy for flatulent colic in infants. A poultice made from the powdered seeds is believed to be an effective herbal remedy for wounds. The leaves, roots, and seeds of caraway seem to activate the glands and they increase the functions of the kidneys. Additionally, an infusion prepared from the caraway seeds can help aid digestion, menstrual cramping, and relieve gas. The caraway seed oil is sometimes utilized orally to get rid of halitosis, bad breath or bad taste.

Geographic Distribution: Caraway is native to Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Himalayas, Pakistan and India.


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