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Salvia officinalis definition

Common sage plant is the fried leaves of Salvia officinalis belong to Lamiaceae family.

Common sage names
  • Scientific name: Salvia Officinalis L
  • English name: Common Sage, Garden Sage
  • German name: Echte Salbei, Salbei,Gatren Salbei
  • French name: Sauge Officinale, Sauge Sauge De Grace,
  • Arabic name: Marimeh, Shalibeh, Kharneh, Esfaqes.
Common sage chemical composition

It is comprised of Borneol, Cineol, essential oil, flavonoids, triterpenes, cafeic acid (Rosmarinic acid named as the most important)

Common sage geographical distribution

Global geographical distribution

It is native to West Europe and usually grow in most part of Europe and North America.

Geographical distribution in Iran

It mainly grows in Tehran, Mazandaran and Gilan.

Medical and therapeutically properties of common sage
  • Anti-transpirant
  • Anti-alzheimer
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-inflammator
  • Anti-viral
  • Blood pressure reduce
  • Relaxation
  • Stomach tonic
  • Mouth inflamation remedy
  • Appetite enhancer.
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Global export of common sage (Garden salvia=Mary sage garden)

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