Plant names

Scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Generic name: Rosmarini Folium, Rosmarini Herba.
English names: Rosemary, Moorwort, Common Rosmary, Herb of memory.
Farsi names: Rosemari, Romaren, Aklil koohi.
Arabic names: Klil ,Aklil-aljamal, Hesaleban, Hesaleban eksir.


Plant specification

Plant family: Lamiaceae.
Organs Used: Leaves, flowers, stems, branches.
Type of active substance: Active substance of rosemary is essential oil. The main active ingredients in rosemary oil is 1-8 cineol and camphor. acetate (abaut 40-55%).
Rosemary health benefits: Rosemary decoction is effective in relieving and increasing muscle strength, reducing anxiety, headache, migraines and treating gastric ulcers.
Rosemary oil is used topically to relieve pain and to treat muscle aches and rheumatic diseases. Also rosemary oil is used in cosmetics and perfume industries. Rosemary is used for hair loss and anti-dandruff effects in herbal shampoos.
Geographic Distribution: Rosemary is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, from where it was introduced into all continents and cultivated.


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