Familiarity Galbanum

Scientific name: Ferula gummosa Boiss.
Syn: Ferula erubescense Boiss., Ferula galbaniflua Boiss.
Generic name: Gummi resina ferulae gummosae
Farsi names: Barijeh, Ashagh, Ghasni.
Arabic names: Ghoneh.

Botany Galbanum

Plant family: Apiaceae.
Organs Used: Oleo-gum resin.
Type of active substance: This plant fragrant contains of 5 to 30 percent essential oil, 50 to 70 percent resin and 20 to 40 percent gum. Various groups of natural compounds are available in essential oils, the most important of these compounds being the monoterpene hydrocarbons (88.4%) including sabinene (35-40%), α-pinene (10-15%), and β-pinene (10-15%). Moreover the other main components of this oil were p-cymene (8-10%) and α-thujene (7-10%).

People take This plant fragrant for digestion problems, intestinal gas (flatulence), poor appetite, cough, and spasms. This plant fragrant help fight certain types of bacteria. This plant fragrant is sometimes applied directly to the skin for wounds. In food and beverages, galbanum oil and resin are used as flavoring. In manufacturing, galbanum oil and resin are used as fragrance in cosmetics.

 Galbanum is indigenous to Middle East region and grow in Iran, Afghanistan and turkey.

Galbanum export

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