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Red Feathers (Iranian Echium)


Plant names

Scientific name: Echium amoenum Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
Syn: Echium orientale Mey.
English names: Red Feathers, Vipers bugloss, Oxtongue flower.
Farsi names: Gol-e gawzaban, Gol-e gawzaban irani
Arabic names: Lesan al-soor.


Plant specification

Plant family: Boraginaceae.
Organs Used: Flowers.
Type of active substance: The active ingredients of echium is mucilage, phenolic compounds, sugar substances, flavonoids, and a small amount of alkaloids. Echium is one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6).

Echium health benefits: Echium is a five-sensory and heart enhancer. Iranian echium is effective in treatment of colds symptoms and it is a defeat of depression, it reduces hypertension, funeral, anxiety eliminator and eliminates cardiac palpation. Other effects include, pain relief, anti-inflammation, anti-rheumatism, a gastric cancer preventer, anti-diabetes and pulmonary and renal diseases eliminator.
Since this plant contains essential fatty acids such as gamma-linolenic acid, it is useful for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Geographic Distribution: Echium amoenum is indigenous to the northern part of Iran and Caucasus.


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