Plant names

Scientific name: Achillea millefolium L.

Syn: A. setacea Waldst. & Kit., A. ossica C. loch, A. subhirsuta Gil.

Generic name: Herba Millefolii

English names: Yarraow, Nosebleed, Sanguinary, Thousand leaf, Arrowroot, Bloodwort, Commock, Sneezewort, Milifoli.

Farsi names: Boomadaran, Boomadaran hezarbarg, Berenjasf, Ghisoom.

Arabic names: Hazbal, Em alf vargha.


Plant specification

Plant family: Asteraceae.

Organs Used: Arial parts.

Type of active substance: Active substance of yarraow is essential oil. The main active ingredients in yarraow oil include linalool, sabinene, allo-ocimene, azulene, eugenol, menthol, alpha-pinene, borneol, cineole (less than 10%), limonene (less than 11%), camphor (18% to 21%) and chamazulene (up to 50%).

Yarraow health benefits: Yarraow used as a diaphoretic and febrifuge in colds and fevers, and bilious and periodic fevers. As a bitter tonic to stimulate and harmonize the appetite and digestion, and to promote the flow of bile. As a blood tonic to optimize the flow and consistency of the blood, and promote its circulation. As a hemostatic and vulnerary, to stop bleeding and promote the healing of wounds, by topical application in poultices and fomentations. As an emmenagogue and female tonic to regulate the menstrual cycle, stabilize mood and appetite swings and ease menstrual cramps. As a cleansing tonic in kidney and urinary tract infections.

Geographic Distribution: Yarrow is an Asian species and native to central and southwestern Asia (Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkey, Caucasus). It is also found in parts of Europe and North America.


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