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Black Cumin


Plant names

Scientific name: Bunium persicum (Boiss.) B.Fedtsch.
Syn: carum persicum Boiss., carum bulbocastanum L.
Generic name: Fructus Buni
English names: Black cumin, Wild caraway, Black caraway, Persian cumin.
Farsi names: Zireh siah irani, Zireh koohi, Zireh kermani.
Arabic names: Komoon.

Plant specification

Plant family: Apiceae.
Organs Used: Fruits.

Type of active substance: Active substance of black cumin is essential oil. The main active ingredients in black cumin oil includes monoterpene compounds such as, Myrcene, γ-Terpinene, p-Cymene, Cuminaldehyde, Carveol and Carvone oxide. The amount of Carvone in black cumin in contrast to caraway is low and about 0.1%.

Black cumin health benefits: Black cumin has been used as natural remedy for respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Till date, it’s most effective uses are to be found in treating rheumatism and various cold symptoms. For the people with weak immunity system, black cumin seeds bring about fresh wave of energy into the body and help them combat fatigue. black cumin seeds are used for after delivery care for the new mothers. In addition of increasing the supply of breast milk in nursing mothers. Black cumin seeds are especially effective in treating an array of stomach problems ranging from indigestion to colic pain. Black cumin seed’s other medicinal processes include calming of the nervous system, stimulation of urine production and lowering of high blood pressure level in the body.

Geographic Distribution: Black cumin is native to central Asia to Northern India, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and Pamir.


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