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Maleki commercial company was registered in 2013 with the subject of the activity of producing, packing and exporting various medicinal plants from the Organization of Industries, Mines and Agriculture, and registered under the brand name “Elissa”.

Regarding our years of experience of medicinal plant, we have significantly expanded our activities and have been active in two fields of export of various essence and nuts.

Today, the “Maleki Trading” product portfolio is a wide range of medicinal plants, natural spices and herbs, essence and gums produced by the “Elissa” brand.

Cuntact Us:
Site Address: www.Malekicommercialco.com
Site Address: www.Herbal-Export.com
Telegram Number: +989190102260
For Export Sales Request: +989190102260
For Domestics Request: +989190102260
WhatsApp Number: +989190102260
Fax Number: +98 21 897 71602
Email: info@malekicommercialco.com

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