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St. John’s Wort


Plant names

Scientific name: Hypericum perforatum L.
Syn: Hypericum perforatum L. var. ellipticum Freyn.
Generic name: Herba Hyperici
English names: St. john’s wort, Common St. john’s wort, Perfected hypericon, Hardhay.
Farsi names: Gole raii, Alafe chay, Gole chaie, Hofarighon, Gole hezar cheshm, Gole shahnaz.
Arabic names: Dazi, Dazi roomi, Hashishat Al-ghalb.


Plant specification

Plant family: Hypericaceae.
Organs Used: Arial parts.
Type of active substance: St. John’s wort contains a vast array of chemical compounds. The major chemical components are naphthodianthrones, of which hypericin, pseudohypericin, and hyperforin are the most relevant biologically active compounds.

St. John’s wort health benefits: St. john’s wort, provides relief from anxiety and mood swings, relieves symptoms of depression, beneficial in preventing and treating cancer and reduces symptoms of hypothyroidism. St. john’s wort, speed up healing process of burns and bruises on skin. St. john’s wort aids in lowering blood pressure and decrease stress on heart. St. john’s wort, gives relief from mood swings caused by premenstrual syndrome and menopause in woman. St. john’s wort, helps to reduce risk of AIDS, hepatitis and other serious viral conditions.

Geographic Distribution: St. john’s wort is indigenous to the western Asia, central Europe, northeastern region of Africa, northeastern and southern United States and Australia. In Iran St. john’s wort growing in Gorgan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Azarbayjan, Kordestan, Khorasan and Tehran.


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