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Familiarity Lemon balm

Scientific name: Melissa officinalis L.
Generic name: Melissae Folium
English names: Melissa, Balm, Common balm, Sweet balm.
Farsi names: Badranjbooye, Ferajmoshk, Warangboo.
Arabic names: Badranjbooye, Taranjan, Hashishato al-nahl, Kerwan, Farhato al-ghalb.

Botany Lemon balm

Plant family: Lamiaceae.
Organs Used: Leaves.
Active substance of lemon balm is essential oil. The main active ingredients in lemon balm oil is citronellal, geranial and neral.
This plant fragrant helps to calm and rejuvenate the nervous system. Use lemon balm to help ease anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, and headaches. It can even be helpful for those suffering with nervous heart palpitations. When digestive upsets come to call, especially when associated with nervous stress, This plant fragrant’s mild antispasmodic action will help to soothe cramps. Lemon balm gently stimulates the liver and helps to enhance digestion.This plant fragrant is also a potent antiviral and can be of great help during viral illnesses, such as colds, flu, and even during a bout of shingles. It can assist the body in fighting infection, while easing the discomfort and restlessness that can sometimes accompany illness.

This plant fragrant is indigenous to Southern europe, the mediterranean region, Western asia, and north africa. lemon balm is now cultivated worldwide.This plant fragrant is scattered in different regions of Iran.

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