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German Chamomile


Familiarity German Chamomile

Scientific name: Matricaria recutita L.
Syn: Matricaria chamomilla L.
Generic name: Matricariae Flos.
English names:  Wild chamomile, Bitter chamomile, Common chamomile
Farsi names: Babooneh, Babooneh darooi, Babooneh almani, Babooneh moatar, Babonj, Babineh.
Arabic names: Oqhowan, Al-baboonaj, Tofah al-arz.

Botany German Chamomile

Plant family: Asteraceae.
Organs Used: flowers.
Active substance of This plant fragrant is essential oil. The main active ingredients in German Chamomile oil is sesquiterpene compounds such as: Chamazolene, Bisabolol oxide and Farnesene.
This plant fragrant improve digestive system, has anti- antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. This plant fragrant also helps with anxiety, depression and It can help to calm the body and skin when it comes to flare-ups from ailments such as eczema and internal infections. This plant fragrant can also help with would care as well as reducing pain and inflammation to wounds, burns and muscles. German chamomile oil is used to treat varicose veins.

This plant fragrant is native to southern and western Europe, and north and west Asia. Today, This plant fragrant is cultivated throughout the world. This plant fragrant is also grown in Iran’s western regions of Iran and now is cultivated in most regions of Iran.

German Chamomile export

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