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What Is Black Seed?

Black Seed: Dried seeds of Nigella sativa L. Plants belong to Ranunculaceae family.

Black Seed Names
  • Scientific name: Nigella Sativa L.
  • English name: Black Cumin,Black Caraway, Garden Fennel Flower, Roman Coriander, Nutmeg Flower,Coriander Of Room
  • German name: Echter Schwar
  • French name: Neille Du Levant, Cumin Noir, Anis Noir, Nigelle cultivee
  • Arabic name: Komon akhal, Komon asaad, Shanoj, Shoniz, Habe soda
  • Persian name: Siah dane, Siah tokhme
  • Traditional medicine: Shonoz, Shoniz

Geographical Distribution

Global distribution

Nigella sativa L. grows in West Asia, North Africa, Southwest Asia, Iran, Mediterranean regions and Middle East.

Distribution In Iran

In Iran it grows in Yazd, chahar mahal va Bakhtiari, Isfahan, Hamedan, Khoozestan, Baluchestan and Tehran.

Medicinal And Therapeutically Properties Of Black Seed
  • Menstrual
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-allergy
  • Anti-spasm
  • Anti-cold
  • Cough relief
  • Jaundice treat and spleen disease
  • Helps kidney stone exert
  • Milk enhancer in breast feeding mothers.
Black Seed (Black Caraway) Global Export

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