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Horsetail plant (Equisetum Arvense)

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All about Horsetail plant (Equisetum Arvense)

What is Horsetail plant (Equisetum Arvense) ?

Horsetail plant (Equisetum Arvense)  belongs to the family of Equisetaceae and is one of the most extensively used export plants in the herbal plants market.

Horsetail plant (Equisetum Arvense)  names
  • Scientific: Equisetum Arvense L
  • English: Horse Tail, Horse Willow, Shave Grass, Pewter Wort, Bottle brush, Corncob Plant, Equisetum
  • French: Prele Des, Queue De Renard, Queue De Cheval
  • Persian: Domeasb, Domeasb-e- Sahraee
  • Traditional medicine: Dunb al-Khail, Zanb al-Fars
Botanical characteristics

Horsetail is a perennial flowerless and vascular plant.

Horsetail has two types of shoots:
  • Fertile stems: These shoots can be found in non-green colors that are appeared before sterile green stems in early spring. The fertile stem is 25 cm high. It is unbranched, brownish, with 4 to 6 leaf pods at intervals.
  • Infertile stems: sterile shoots are 20 to 80 cm high, green, branched, slightly rough, with deep grooves. The pods are green, with serrated teeth along with grooves, striped, pointed and with a blackish tip.

In addition, the horsetail has very long underground stems that are horizontal, jointed and ribbed. In each joint there is a tubular swelling and the awns are connected to the underground stem.

Chemical compounds

This plant contains fatty oils, silicic acid, acetic acid, linoleic acid, acetone, acystine, oxalic acid, malic acid, saponin.

Pharmaceutical part

Infertile shoots

Geographical distribution

Global distribution

This plant can be found in moist areas, streams, and swamps in Europe as well as in temperate regions in North America, North Asia, Iran, and the Himalayan mountains.

Distribution in Iran

Horsetail plant (Equisetum Arvense)  grows in Gorgan, Golestan, Gilan, Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan and Hamedan, Khorasan, Semnan, Tehran and Hamedan.

Medicinal-therapeutic properties
  • Astringent
  • Diuretic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Prevents bleeding
  • Treatment of kidney infections
  • Treatment of nerve weakness
  • Treatment of general weakness
  • Treatment of menstrual cramps
  • Treatment of menstrual weakness
  • Treatment of bone injuries
  • Treatment of neurological disorders
  • Treatment of fractures and osteoarthritis
  • Treatment of arthritis problems
  • Treatment of intestinal ulcers and intestine
  • Treatment of tuberculosis and gout
  • Treatment of kidney stones
  • Treatment of hepatitis
  • Treatment of kidney diseases
  • Treatment of hypertension
  • Strengthening of hair
  • Treatment of rheumatism and gonorrhea
  • Stopping bleeding hemorrhoids
  • Treatment of diseases of the urinary tract
Instructions for consumption
  • Oral
Method of use

Add 3 teaspoons of the plant powder to 0.5 L of boiling water and drink it after brewing.


  • Children under 4 years
  • Elderly people over 60 years
  • Kidney and heart patients

Note: Please consult your doctor before using this plant to treat any disease.

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