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Cultivation of flixweed

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Everything regarding flixweed

What is flixweed?

plant flixweed : Flixweed (Descurainia Sophia L. Webb & Berth) belongs to the Cruciferae family. It’s one of the most popular plants on the market.

Flixweed names
  • Scientific: Descurainia Sophia (L.) Webb & Berth
  • English: Flixweed, Hedge Mustard, Flixweed Tansy Mustard, London Rocket
  • French: Sisymbre, Herb De St Sophis
  • Traditional medicine: Khabe, Bazrolkhamkham, Shaftare, Toodari
  • Persian: Khakshir, Khakshi, Shalam B.
  • Arabic: Khabe
Botanical characteristics

The herbaceous flixweed may be an annual or perennial, growing 80 to 100 cm tall. The leaves are basal, 2 to 3-lobed, with linear and long petioles. The other type of leaves are the stem leaves, which are almost without petioles. The fruit reaches a length of 35 cm with a standing or curved silique and nearly knotted. The inflorescence of the fruit is broad or straight – ascending and is in a tall, cluster-like inflorescence. The seeds are bicolored, reddish and dark red, the taste is a little bitter. Also, the flowers of this plant are yellow.

Chemical compounds

This plant contains mucilage, essential oil, and fatty acids, including linolenic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid.

Pharmaceutical part

Seeds, flowers, and leaves

Geographical distribution

Global spread

This plant grows in Iran, India, Pakistan, China, North Africa, and Europe.

Spread in Iran

There are plants growing along roads, in agricultural fields and gardens in Mazandaran, Gorgan, Gilan, Azerbaijan, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Fars, Khorasan, Semnan, Tehran, etc. provinces.


Ecology of cultivation

To grow well, the plant requires sunlight, a relatively rich soil with good drainage, and a neutral or alkaline soil.

Cultivation Method
  • The cultivation of this plant is by sowing seeds.
  • Sowing is done in autumn or spring, depending on the growing climate.
  • Before sowing, you should weed and strengthen the soil with suitable fertilizer.
  • Mature seeds are planted at regular intervals in moist and light soil.
  • The leaves or stems are harvested between June and September.
  • Seeds are harvested from August to September.
Drying Method

Flixweed can be dried in two natural ways: in the shade or with a machine at a temperature of 40 to 50oC.

Maintenance Method

The seeds should be kept in cloth bags and the leaves in closed containers.

Medicinal properties
  • Astringent
  • Laxative
  • Antipyretic
  • Relaxant
  • Diuretic
  • Parasite repellent
  • Treatment of measles
  • Treatment of scars
  • Treatment of urticaria
  • Treatment of constipation
  • Treatment of asthma
  • Treatment of sciatica
  • Lowering of the blood sugar level
  • Treatment of wounds and injuries
  • Removal of kidney stones
  • Treatment of kidney inflammation
  • Treatment of skin inflammations
  • Prevention of heat strokes
Directions for use


Method of use

Pour f flixweed (30 gr) in 300 ml of cold or boiling water and drink it.


Not contraindicated


Plant sensitivity

Side effects
  • Digestive disorders
  • Flatulence

Note: Please consult your doctor before using this herbal plant to treat the disease.

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