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Asafoetida definition

A resinous asafoetida gum , which is collected from a plant, called Ferula- Asafoetida through cutting

Asafoetida gum botanical properties

A herbaceous hairy plant, basal and pinnate leaves 30-35 cm long and 15-25 cm wide, fleshy and thick roots and the gum is stored in the stems.

There are many species within this native and extraordinary plant. One of which named as sweet ferula or Haltit tayeb (Assa Dulcis) and is known in Iran traditional medicine as Anjadan tayeb.

The other species, which is called bitter Asafoetida and known as Anjadan siah or Anquze koma in tradition medicine, is collected from bitter ferula species and smells very bad.

The amount of Asafoetida gum per bush is 60 grams.

Ferula L. species

Ferula Alliacea Boiss.

Ferula Assa- Foetida L.

Turkman Ferula

 Ferula Badrakema Kos- Pol.

Tabbas Ferula

Ferula Tabassensis Rech F.

Shahvarian Ferula

Ferula Serpentinica Rech F.

Ilam Ferula

Ferula Behboudiana (Rech. F. & Esfand) Cham Berlain

Desert Ferula

Ferula Hirtella Boiss

Kopatdagh Ferula

Ferula Karakalensis

Kashan Ferula

Ferula Kashanica Rech. F.

Eastern Ferula

Ferula Orientalis L.


Ferula Ovina (Boiss.) Boiss.

Persian Ferula

Ferula Persica Wild.

Pariz Mountain Ferula

Ferula Pseudoalliacea Rech. F.

Turkestan Ferula

Ferula Schtschurowskiana Regel & Schmalh.

Sensitive Ferula

Ferula Rigidula DC.

Hezar masjed Ferula

Ferula Latisecta Rech .F. Aell.

Lutensis Ferula

Ferula Lutensis Rech. F.

Gypsophyl Ferula

Ferula Microcolea (Boiss) Boiss.

Pod Ferula

Ferula oopoda (Boiss. & Buhse) Boiss.

Smooth Ferula

Ferula Macrocolea Boiss.

 Lalesar, Badghys Ferula

Ferula Badghysi Korov.

Ferula Hezar- Lalesarensis

Odorous Ferula

Ferula Diversivittata Regel & Schmalh.

Binaloud, Badbezan Ferula

Ferula Flabelliloba Rech. F. & Aell.

Bunge (Baghlat Ferula)

Ferula Foetida (Bunge) Regel.

Jandagh Ferula (sweet and bitter Ferula)

Ferula Gabrielli Rech. F.

Barije (Ghasni)

Ferula Gumosa Boiss.

Angion Ferula (Sarorzi)

Ferula Haussknechtii Wolff Ex Rech. F.

Seyed hajodin Ferula

Ferula Szowitsiana DC.

Sazooi Ferula

Ferula Stenocarpa Boiss. & Hausskn

Khoozestan Ferula

Ferula Sphenobasis C.C. Towsend.

Sarhe Ferula

Ferula Sharifii Rech. F. & Esfand.

Geographical distribution

Global distribution

Ferula is native to Iran and grows in Iran and parts of Afghanistan.

Distribution in Iran

In desert central parts, Zagros heights in Fars, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan, Kohkilooye va Boyer Ahmad and Sistan va Baluchestan, Bushehr, Damghan, Sabzevar and Shahrood.

Environmental conditions for Asafoetida growth

It grows in sandy unplanted lands with gypsum composition in warm regions with 1900-2400 meters above sea level and plains with 250-350 mm rainfall.

Essential oil composition

Asafoetida essential oil is a pure liquid colorless or bright yellow to brown with strong bad odor.

Asafoetida essential oil contain sulfur-bearing compounds, of which 65% is comprised of butyl propenil disulfides.

Other compounds are as follows: beta pinnene, alpha pinnene, careen, cis-ocimen and alpha holmon.

The essential oil is collected via water vapor distillation method.

Medicinal and therapeutically properties of Asafoetida
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-parasite
  • Anti-diabetes
  • Wormicide
  • Menstrual
  • Bronchitis remedy
  • Asthma and pertussis treatment
  • Digestive disorders remedy
  • Sex appetite enhancer
Asafoetida gum price in Iran

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Global export of Ferula gum

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