Rose oil


Rose oil Definition

Essential oil obtained by water distillation from the flowers of Rosa×damascene Mill.
namesGeneric name: Aethroleum rosae.English names: Rose oil, Damask rose oil.Farsi names: Esans roz, Esanse gole mohammadi.
AppearanceRose oil is clear, viscose, colourless or pale yellow. It has a characteristic odour.
Type of active substance:

Compound namePercentage
Phenyl ethanol18-26

Rose oil health benefits: Rose oil boosts self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength while efficiently fighting depression. They can be very helpful in driving away depression and anxiety.

Rose essential oil may calm down a patient with high fever by sedating the inflammation. It can also be beneficial in other cases of inflammation caused by microbial infection, ingestion of poisonous materials, indigestion, and dehydration.

This can result in reduction of associated conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and fever. Rose essential oil efficiently relieves spasms in the respiratory system and intestines, as well as muscular spasms in various limbs. It is a good bactericide and used in the treatment of typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning, and other diseases which are caused by bacteria.

Rose essential oil purifies the blood by helping in the removal and neutralization of toxins. Once your blood is purified and free of toxins, you are protected from boils, rashes, ulcers, and skin diseases, as well as serious conditions that free radicals can cause, like cancer and heart diseases. Rose essential oil is good for the health of your liver.

It keeps it strong, properly functioning, and protected from infections. Rose essential oil acts as a tonic for the nerves. It gives them the strength to bear shock and protects them from disorders resulting from age and injuries. Rose essential oil can take care of many feminine problems such as uterine discharge, tumors, bleeding, and irregular menses. It regulates hormone production and helps to balance them. It is one of the best oils to give you shining, fresh, and youthful skin. The aroma keeps you charged and feeling happy. It promotes circulation, takes care of the heart, reduces blood pressure, and helps to cure headaches, asthma, dehydration, leucorrhea, and other infections


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