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Aleppo Oak identification and characteristics

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مازو یا مازوج چیست

Aleppo Oak is a middle height tree or tall shrub, linear grey bark and Quercus Infectoria Oliv. scientific name

Scientific name: Quercus Infectoria Oliv.

English name: Aleppo Oak, Lusitanian, Nutga.

Persian name: Darmazoo, Mazooj, Baloot halabi, Joft, Gaal baloot

Aleppo Oak characteristics

Medium tree or shrubbery, with gray linear bark, young shoots, elliptical or oblong-elliptical upper leaves, with 8-11 pairs of lower veins, at the end of the wound difficulty, toothed and all short. At the top curved sharply rarely complete, lower 1-5 teeth or full, small, oaky fruit 3-4 cm long, on leaves often appear with galls.

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