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Astragal and its characteristics

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گیاه کتیرا

What is Astragal, Scientific and common names of astragal in international languages

Astragal names

Scientific: Astragalus gummifer

Latin name: Astragalus gossypinus Fisch.

English name: Locoweed, Milk–vetch, Astragal, Cow-toe, Feal broom, Gum tragacanth plant

French: Astragale, Tragacanthe

German: Astragel, Tragant

Persian: Gavan-e- sefid, Gavan Panbei, Katira

Arabic: Kasira, Baizae, Mokhlab al oghab, Qatad

Katira, a plant sap which is collected from plants of Astragalus genus and Fabaceae family commonly named as Gavan through air or stem.

Astragal (Gavan) characteristics

Gavan is a low growing bush 10 t0 15 cm tall. Different species of astragal appear as shrubs or herbaceous annual and perennials which grow in mountain and sub mountain areas.  

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