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Barberry names

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گیاه شناسی زرشک

Barberry names

Barberry characteristics, scientific and international name.

Scientific name: Berberis vulgaris

English name: Barberry, Pipperidage, Berberry

Latin name: Berberis vulgaris

German name: Berberize, Gemeiner Sauerdorn.

French name: Vinaigrette, Epine-Vinette Vinettier, Pass-Vinaigre

Arabic name: Aghdeh, Anbar baris, Ood-o-rih

Barberry characteristics

It is shrub, 1.5-3 meters high; branches often upright, flowers are formed in dense clusters, yellow and 6cm long. Barberry fruits are fleshy and sour, bright red and 12mm long, leather skin, stigma completely stuck and with no pistil. Cultivated European species can be yellow, purple or dark blue.

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