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Geographical distribution and time and method of collecting assafoetida

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پراکندگی جغرافیایی آنغوزه

Asafoetida is a native to Iran and Afghanistan, and the time of the blasting begins from early May to mid-June.


Native to Iran And Afghanistan

Distribution in Iran

In hot and dry mountainous regions with a height of more than 1500 meters. Bitter Asafoetida is found in Fars and Kerman provinces and sweet Asafoetida in the provinces of Yazd and Khorasan.Time of collection: For tropical areas, it begins in early May and in other areas starting mid-May. The operation period may also be up to 100 days.

Collecting method

In the areas where the plant is located, the stage of wrapping begins before the aerial part turns yellow. At this stage, one or two leafs attached to the collar of the plant are placed on the opposite side and a rock will be placed on to protect it from sunlight and rain.

After the leaves turn yellow, the killing stage begins. The dry leaves are removed around the collar with a knife and depleted to a depth of 15 to 10 cm. The collar of the plant is placed in the middle of the well, the plant is then removed. The root will be covered with soft soil and leaves placed on the site of the plant. Two weeks later, the blasting process begins. The scraping effect is performed at 15-12 times at 7 to 5 day intervals.

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