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Effect of medicinal plants on eyes health

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تاثیر گیاهان دارویی بر چشم

Effect of medicinal plants on eyes health and reinforcement

Eyes are one of the most important and sensitive organs of human body.

Eye muscles are the most rapid muscles in the body. We see all the world and sourrounding nature with this gol blessing gift and life will be much more pleasant with eyes.

The eye is compromised from different sections as follows: 1- cornea, 2- lens, 3- iris, 4- aqous humor, 5- retina, 6- crystalline lens, 7- eyelid and eyelash, 8- eye muscles, 9- visual nerves.

Today increased air pollution, strong sun arrays, unsufficient sleep, non-standard decorative lens use, unsuitable modern lifestyle habits, long time electronic device application like mobile, computer and games all threaten eye health.

Medicinal plants with natural origin, highly influence eye health and its reinforecement. This paper breifly discuss most important plants for this purpose.


A formal shrub, 1-2 meters height, 5 lobe leaves, yellow to green flowers and flowers form in hanging clusters.

It is native to Western Europe. Fruits and leaves are the medicinal parts. Fruit is red in color and the size vary between 8-12 mm. the fruit ripen by the end of summer and taste sour.

Fruits and leaves can be dried out and be used for jam, herbal tea and candy.

Note: Cranberry is usually mistaken with Caucasian whortleberry.

Cranberry properties for eye and body health

It is full of vitamin B and C, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and calcium and bear following properties:

  • Night sight improvement
  • Near sight disorder remedy
  • Retina disorder relief in diabetes patients
  • Blood purifier
  • Preventing alzheimer
  • Improve digestion process
  • Menstrual disorder treat
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Mouth and gun inflation remedy
  • Improve brain activities
  • Blood sugar reduction in diabetes patients
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Helps reducing weight
  • Reduce diuretic infections
  • Improve immune and defense system function
  • Prevent cancer due to anthocyanin antioxidant constituent
  • Prevent skin oldness and wrinkless
  • Prevent eye oldness
  • Prevent heart disorders
  • Prevent blood thrombus
Herbal tea preparation:

Brew 1 spoon of fruit powder or 6 dried fruit in 2 glasses of boiling water and drink after purification.


An annual herbaceous plant with erect hairless stem, soft hairless leaves and flowers white, pink and purple with yellow spots formed in an inflorescense. Aerial part is the medicinal organ of the plant. It is native to Europe and it was used for eye diseases fro a long time ago.

Eye inflammation treat with Eyebright

This plant contain monoterpenes, flavonoids, tannins, iridoid glycosides etc. these compounds have following properties:

  • Eye inflammation remedy
  • Eye pain relief
  • Eyelid inflammation remedy
  • Eye infection treat
  • Local eye use
Application method for eye washing:

Add 5 teaspoons of flower powder to 0.5 L boiling water and use twice a day after purification.

Note: please do not use this plant for children and inform your medicine advisor before using for adults.

3-Eye protection with fennel

Fennel is perennial plant, 1-1.5 meters height, hairless, spindle root, paripinnate leaves, and yellow flowers in an inflorescence, fruits 4-4.5 mm long and 0.5 mm wide. It grows in south Europe, southwest Asia and North Africa.

Medicinal properties of fennel

This plant contain coumarins (anethol, fenchone, estragol), potassium, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, molybdenum and vitamin C with following properties:

  • Eyesight improvement
  • Eye inflammation protectant
  • Eye tired relief
  • Prevent eye oldness
  • Eye infection treat
  • Menstrual disorder regulation
  • Sex appetite enhancer
Eyewash method with fennel water:

Warm 0.5 of a glass fennel water gradually to boiling water. Drip it in the eye twice a day after cooling.

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4-Eye improvement with saffron

Saffron contain carotene called crocine, the main factor of saffron yellow color, which improves body immune system with following properties:

  • Eyesight reinforcement
  • Retina function improve
  • Preventing cataract
  • Regulate menstrual disorders
  • Relief menstrual pains
  • Sex appetite enhancer

Note: saffron use will cause abortion in pregnant women.

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5-Eye itching remedy with green tea

A hairless shrub, alternae leaves, seplas everlasting and petals are white colored. Green tea differs from black one in proccessing stages.

In case of black tea, leaves are dried and then fermentated, but green tea fumigates leaves with water vapor at first and then dried.

Medicine properties of green tea
  • Eye infection remedy
  • Eye itching remedy
  • Improving eye vision
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing below eye edem
  • Prevent blood palatelet accumulation
Application method of green tea for eye itching:

Brew some of leaf and purify. Wash the eyes after cooling.

Please inform and consult your medicine advisor before using these plants.

Green tea was used for eye pain relief from very ancient times.v

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