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Sinusitis treatment with medicinal plants

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تاثیر گیاهان دارویی بر سینوزیت

Sinusitis treatment with medicinal plants

Sinusitis is a common problem in many people around the world and especially respiratory abnornaml patients suffer from it.

Sinusitis are humid empty pores placed in the human skull which are empty in normal conditions.

These pores in healthy and normal conditions must be full of fresh air and no microbe or bacteria are present.

Mucous are normally present in the sinous. If this mucous amount go further and more than normal, they block the sinous path and lead to sinusitis.

Symptoms and signs of sinusitis

  • Breath toughness
  • Runny nose
  • Too tired daily
  • Cough
  • Nose blockage
  • Back nose discahrge
  • Headache
  • Fever

Medicinal plants in the nature is a natural and traditional remedy for sinusitis suggested by traditional medicine experts.

Plants for sinusitis treatment


A tall tree up to 40-45 meters height, smooth and thread bark, leaves tip like and ovate, flowers are white to yellow formed in an inflorescense.

It has different species of which the most important are as follows: 1- Globulus, 2- Fructisetarum and 3- Smayci

Eucalyptus contain important compounds such as cineol, limonene and flavonoids.

The number of known species are more than 600-700.

This species is native to Australia and some species are cultivated in regions of Iran like Mazandaran, Fars, Khoozestan and Lorestan.

Therapeutic properties of Eucalyptus

Pertussis and influenza treatment

Rheumatism pain relief

Throat ache and pharyngitis

Respiratory disorder remedy such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and emphysema cough

Application method for sinusitis:

Add 1 spoon of Eucalyptus powder or few number of leaves to boiling water and drink after purification.

Leaf fumigation is also suggested for sinusitis.

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A small shrub with young pubescent shoots and bright green leaves.

Rosemary is known as Eklil koohi in some literature, which is not a correct name because it is native to Iran and not to Arabic country.

Sinusitis infection remedy with rosemary

It is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor and traditional medicine experts suggest it.

Application method of rosemary essential oil for sinusitis:

Drip a few drops of essential oil on your forehead and massage it slightly.

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3-Sinusitis treatment with ginger tea

Ginger is useful for many diseases and most people are introduced with its amazing plant. It is native to India and south Asia, South East Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

A huge amount of ginger is imported to Iran from India each year and is comsumpted very much in Iran.

Therapeutic properties of ginger
  • Fever and diarrhea remedy
  • Cold and influenza treatment
  • Boost expectorant cough
  • Blood circulation enhancer
  • Anti-cough and anti-tumor
  • Anti-bleeding
  • Anti-nausea
  • Respiratory disorder remedy
  • Bronchitis treatment
  • Digestive disorder relief
  • Sex appetite enhancer
  • Blood pressure reduce
Application method of ginger for sinusitis:

Brew a little ginger and drink with honey after purification.

Another method of apllication is local compress of ginger tea on face and forehead.

4-Sinusitis treatment with black nigella oil

This odorous plant is a traditional method for sinusitis treatment.

Application method of black nigella for sinusitis

Drip a few drops of oil on forehead and massage gently.

5-Southern maidenhair fern

A perennial plant, hairless leaves, thin veins and creeping underground stems. This palnt propagates via spore and they are placed in side lobes of the leaves. Southern maidenhair fern grows in moderate humid and semi-earm regions.

Therapeutic properties of Southern maidenhair fern
  • Anti-cough and expectorant
  • Sinusitis and bronchitis treatment
  • Asthma and respiratory infection remedy
  • Diuretic path inflation relief
  • Prevents bleeding
  • Menstrual accelarator
  • Deep cough remedy
  • Menstrual disorder remedy
  • Diarrhea and jaundice treat
  • Kidney and bladder stone booster
  • Under throat swelling treat
  • Prevent hair discoloring
Application method for sinusitis:

Brew some leaves and drink with honey.

Note: Consult your medicine advisor before using any of the mentioned plants.


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