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Medicinal plants and noticeable effects of skin health

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Medicinal plants and noticeable effects of skin health

noticeable effects of skin health: Today beauty products with different brands are manufacture by diverse companies for skin protection and wrinkla and shrinkage prevention.

The supply and request for cosmentic products is very high and different brands use medicinal plants for their products.

Cosmetic products based on natural and virginal medicinal plants have a higher price compared to chemical based products because of essential oil, plant organs and great useful properties.

Medicinal plants in nature were used for skin beauty and health by ancient nations and prople.

This paper aims to briefly discuss the most important medicinal plants useful for skin health and remedies.

1- Aloe Vera, nature miracle for skin health

The using history of this plant goes back to 1750 A.D. it does not have a stem and flowers are yellow. Leaves produce to compounds; one is gel, which is gained from, in inner part. The gel is used for skin diseases, burn and wounds.

The second part is the latex or sap, collected from the inner leaf layer and bear laxative property.

Aloe Vera medicinal and treating properties for body and skin health
  • Anti-pain and anti-inflammatory
  • Blood purifier
  • The best hydrating cream in the new century.
  • Immune system reinforce
  • Control blood sugar
  • Constipation remedy due to laxative latex

Magnesium lactate in Aloe Vera is a remedy for itching and is very useful for skin.

Good for hair loss and is used in many different shampoo for this purpose today.

Gel application method for skin:

Cut a segment of leaf and use the fresh gel on skin, wash after 20 minutes. Try to use the gel without any additive to see better results.

2-  Chamomile and skin disease and inflammatory remedy

Chamomile is a plant with small alternate leaves, flowers yellow in the center and white laterally and up to 30 cm height.

Greek and Romans first used chamomile flowers for sunburn and fever.

It have a very wide and numerous properties so that German people identify it as a whole complete plant for everything.

Essential oil, flower and extract is used in cosmetic and medicinal industries.

Chamomile medicinal properties and effects
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • A strong relaxation
  • Face acne remedy
  • Menstruation enhancer and menstrual pain relief
  • Effective for skin disorders, eczema and itching
  • Anti-inflammatory and digestion tonic, children colic treat
  • The essential oil is used for aromatherapy

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Application method for boil and acne:

Add three spoons of chamomile flower to 0.5 L boiling water and purify after cooling. Put it on all parts of the face with a soft cloth and keep for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water and dry with a cloth.

3- Licorice, nature miracle for skin brightness

Licorice is a perennial plant, green leaves, white, yellow and violet flowers and dark brown roots. Roots taste sweet to bitter based on the growing region.

Licorice root is the most important organ, which is used in food, medicinal and cosmetic industries.

The root contains glucose, asparagine, resin, essential oil and albomine compounds.

Licorice contain a lecoriti jenny chalcone that is good for muscular spasm relief. The sweet taste factor is glycerin and it is known as the main beauty cream constituent.

Licorice medicinal properties and effects for body and skin diseases
  • It has a moderate habit and following properties:
  • Prevents senescence
  • Treats skin wounds and blisters
  • Treats stomach swelling
  • Laxative and good for digestion disorders
  • Effective in cough, clod and skin infections
  • Useful for split end disease
  • Anti-inflammtory and good for body bad smell

The extract contain minimum melanom and brings up a bright skin

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 4- Green tea and senescence prevention

Green tea is recommended for many diseases because of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects.

The difference of green and black tea is that, leaves are vapored and then dried.

This type of tea contain cellulose material, corectine, galic acid, pectin etc. polyphonone content of green tea is a better oxidative than vitamin E and C, so it prevents cancer.

Prevents early senescence because of nutrients and antioxidants.

Based on research literature, body cells of people who use green tea daily are fresher and senescence later.

Ten extraordinary green tea properties
  • Early senescence prevention
  • Cancer prevention
  • Causes skin brightness
  • Reduces heart attack risk
  • Improves blood circulation
  • A strong cleaner
  • Protects skin against hazardous oxidant agents
  • Boil and acne treatment
  • Prevents tooth decay dut to florin content
  • Improve wound signs and reduces skin irritation

Note: use all mentioned plants after informing and consulting your medicine advisor.


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