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Nabk Tree medicinal part

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ترکیبات شیمیایی گیاه سدر

Nabk Tree medicinal part

Leaves form the medicinal part of the Nabk Tree.

Nabk tree chemical composition

Nabk tree leaves contain tannin and phytosterols such as -β Sitosterol and -β Sitosterol Glycoside and also a saponin (Ebelinlacton) which is known as the foam agent.

Ebelinlacton is classified in steroidal saponins and due to abundance in Nabk tree leaves, it can be used a primar for steroidal hormons. Four saponin glycosides (Christinins) namely, A2, B, C and D are isolated from leaf butan extracts.

Saturated Hydrocarbure called Nonacosane, an ester called Octacozyl behnat and a type of simple saturated alcohol called Octaozanol are isolated from chloroform leaf extract.


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