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Orchis types- part 1

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انواع گونه های ثعلب

Orchis is compromised out of three species below: Orchis Mascula L., Orchis Laxiflora Lam. and Orchis Maculata L.

Orchis species

  • Orchis Mascula: is commonly known as Egypt orchis, Male orchis in English and orchis male in French. This species is perennial, 15-50 cm height and bear red flowers.

Global distribution of Orchis Mascula L.

It grows in meadow and humid forests in central and southern Europe, Iran and minor Asia.

Distribution in Iran: Alborz mountains, Mazandaran, Gilan, Kandovan, Pol zangule and Gorgan

It should be noted that two sub species out of Orchis Mascula L. namely Subsp. Pinetorum and Subs. Mascula are available in Iran.

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