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Orchis types- part 2

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انواع گونه های ثعلب

Orchis is compromised out of three species below: Orchis Mascula L., Orchis Laxiflora Lam. and Orchis Maculata L.

Orchis types : Orchis Laxiflora Lam

It is a perennial plant, 30-50 cm height, leaves lanceolate, wavy and long, middle and lower leaves are long and higher leaves are small.

The flowers are big and purple to red in color and rarely small flowers, white to pink which opens like a cluster.

Global distribution of Orchis Laxiflora Lam

Central and southern Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Caucasia, minor Asia,

TibetanDistribution in Iran: Gorgan, Azarbaijan, around Tehran, Karaj, West Hamedan, Esfahan

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