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Oxtongue flower types and species and growing habit (part 1)

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انواع گونه های گل گاو زبان

Oxtongue flower types

8 species are found around the world:

-Echium Amoenum Fisch. Et Mey

Growth habit: In the vast regions of the northern part of Iran in Gilan, Manjil, Amarlouh altitudes are in the rainforest and black grove in the altitudes between Roodbar and Manjil in the south of Roodbar and the northern areas of Hazvayl, Kandovan and Zangullah forest in the Minoo plain between Gorgan and Node.

  • Anchusa Italica Retz syn. A. Azurea Mill. and A. Paniculata Ait. It is called Italic, Buglosse D in French and Sea Bugloss in English.

This plant from Boraginaceae family, biennial or perennial, its stems and leaves are covered with white or gray cords. The flowers are blue in color.Growth habit: This type is most commonly found in Italy. In Iran in the east in the border areas of Harirud and in northern Iran in Gilan, Roodbar and Mazandaran, and around Tehran in Dorkan and Sulaghan, in Isfahan, Azerbaijan near Tabriz and Yam, in Lorestan, in Azna.

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