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Tragacanth Price in Pakistan

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Tragacanth price in Pakistan. Gum tragacanth is less common in products than other, usually cheaper, gums, such as gum arabic or guar gum. Different gums tend to be interchangeable across many uses, and production of tragacanth is far outpaced by these for reasons of economy, trade, agriculture and history, while tragacanth is mostly produced in traditional locations. However, gums are used in varied circumstances and there are many situations where tragacanth is considered superior. Common substitutions are methyl cellulose, sometimes marketed as “substitute gum tragacanth” in the food industry, and gum karaya. Gum karaya, also called “Indian tragacanth” or simply “tragacanth”, might be fully or partially substituted for what appears to be genuine tragacanth. Gum tragacanth is also used in incense-making as a binder to hold all the powdered herbs together.


 Amazing Uses of Tragacanth Gum:

Gum tragacanth is one of the most widely used natural emulsifiers and thickeners available to the food, drug, and allied industries. The high viscosity imparted to water by the gum makes it useful for preparing aqueous suspensions of insoluble substances. Gum tragacanth has the food additive. Gum tragacanth is the dried gummy exudation of several species of Astragalus.


Tragacanth is widely used in many industries because of its stability in the presence of heat and acidity and because it is an effective emulsifying agent with an extremely long shelf-life. Gum tragacanth is widely used in the preparation of salad dressings, relishes, sauces, condiment bases, sweet pickle liquors, soft jellied products such as gefilte fish, thick broths, beverage and bakery emulsions, ices and sherbets, bakery toppings and fillings, and confectionery cream centres. Because of its acid resistance and long shelf-life, gum tragacanth is useful in preparing stabilised French, Italian, and other creamy dressings.

Tragacanth Price


Best Price of Tragacanth Gum:

Best price of tragacanth gum is being offered from our company. The high quality and great price will give you a fantastic chance to buy this wonderful products from our website. Tragacanth gum is the sap of the thorny shrub tragacanth, which is a thorny and low-growing shrub. It is mostly found in the mountainous regions of the Middle East. Iran is the highest producer of this tree gum, which is also called Gond Katira in Hindi.

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