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Effects of medicinal plants on sexual appetite in Men

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sexual appetite in Men: Today the reason of many divorces in the new generation is low sexual appetite in both men and women, which loose the family structure.

This problen is not mentioned many times, but it affects all other aspects of sympathy and common life.

Some men and women are sometimes shame to mention this problem because we live in an islamic society and it will be suppressed.

Research showed low sexual appetite will reduce love and interest between husband and wife.

Low sex appetite in man could be due to many different reasons: 1- being too tired, 2- high stress, 3- no interest to consort, 4- non appropriate nutrition, 5- physical and biological problems, 6- controversy with sex partner, 7- dippression, 8- no sympathy relation with sex partner, 9- lack of self sanitary

Low sexual appetite can be a very dangerous factor which acts as an earthquack for families.

Medicinal plants is a natural remedy method without any side effects for lack or low sexual appetite in both men and woman.

This paper aims to introduce plants for enhancing and increasing sex appetite in men.

Plants enhancing men sexual appetite

1- Onion; sexual appetite tonic

A biennial plant with cylinder like leaves, flowers are white or purple in summer, and small seeds are formed in capsule.

Onions are known in 3 types: 1- white, 2- color (purple or red), 3- yellow

Color onions include red, purple or a mixture of these two.

Onion contains mineral material and salts include vitamins A, B, C, Iron, Potassium, Iodine and Phosphorus. Catechol and protocatchoic acid are also found in onion scales.

It is warm and dry according to tradition medicine and could enhance sex appetite due to its content.

Edible using of onion increases sperm quantity and semen quality, therefore improves pregnancy chance.

Onion diminishes stress because of antioxidant content and thus will decrease minimum effect of stress during sex operation.

Application method for sexual appetite enhancement: cold mood people must use onion for lunch or dinner edibley raw along with main food.

2- hedge-mustard; sex appetite enhancer

A herbaceous, annual to biennial plant, divided stems, leaves are basal and flowers yellow. Hedge-mustard seeds compromises the medicinal part of the plant, which are widely used in traditional medicine.

Application method for sexual appetite enhancement: wash 2 spoons of seeds and macerate for 2 hours to completely soften. Then eat with milk or warm water in morning before breakfast.

3- Nettle; testosterone rise

Herbaceous plant, up to 1.5 meters hight, hairy stems, arrate edge leaves and white to green flowers.

This plant increases testosterone in men and as high as the testosterone content, the higher sexual appetite.

Nettle herbal tea prepration: Nettle leaves should be placed in 0.5 L boiling water and drink after purification.

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4- Nigella seed; sex appetite enhancer in cold mood men

Herbaceous and annual plant, oval and white seplas and white, purple, blue or pink flowers.

Nigella seed dentifrice prepration: mix two spoons of nigella seed with 0.5 Kg honey and used it twice a day. This dentifrice will enhance sex appetite, increase testosterone, improves sperm quality and treats premature ejaculation in men.

 5- Cinnamon; premature ejaculation in men

It is tree, 5-12 meters tall, bark is bright brown in color, leaves are oval and opposite and flowers are white in color.

  • Cinnamon contains many extraordinary properties.
  • Stops premature ejaculation in men.
  • Increases sex appetite.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Fixes common overall body weakness.
  • Causes skin freshness and health.

6-Application method for premature ejaculation:

One spoon of cinnamon powder mixed with 300 g honey and use one spoon every day.

This mixture will produce stronger sperms and sex power increase in addition to premature ejaculation.

7- Vitex

It is tree up to 6-10 meters height, leaves green and opposite and flowers blue to purple in color. This plant increases sex appetite in both men and women.

  • Boosts uterine fibroids in woman.
  • Boosts ovary disorders in woman.
  • It is used for prostate swelling in traditional medicine.
  • Prevents ovarian cysts.
  • Stops menstrual disorders.
  • Relives hormonal disorders.


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