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Licorice characteristics and names

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Glycyrrhiza Glabra L.

Dried roots of Glycyrrhiza Glabra L. plant belong to Fabaceae family which contains at least 2 % Glycyrrhizin.

Plant names

Scientific name: Glycrrhiza Glabra L.

English name: Licorice, Liquorice,Liquorish.

German name: Sussholz, Lakrizenholz, Brust Wurzel. :

French name: Reglisse, Boiss Sucre, Racine douce.

Persian name: Shirin bayan, Mahak, Soos, Motaka, Mijoo

Arabic name: Ghargh-al-soos, Shajar-al-soos

Licorice characteristics

Herbaceous plant, a few years old with a height of 50-80 (-150) centimeters, plain or branched, scattered or short, or less with tuberculosis-fallen, or tuberous-sternum. Its blue flowers, Purple, white and yellow. The root of the root is brown to black.

The root core is yellow and the taste differ due to different types.

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