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Licorice types

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Licorice types

Glycyrrhizia Glabra and its synonym G. hirsuta L. It has different varieties, one of which called G. glabra Var Typica Reg.Et Herd. grows in Mediterranean region (Aral), Afghanistan and Iran. This species appears in all parts of Northern regions, South, East and Northern eastern of Iran.
Glycyrrhizia Echinata which grows in North and Northwest of Iran in forests of Gilan, Mazandaran, Azarbaijan, Arak and Bandar Gaz.
 Glycyrrhizia Glandulifera  & Kit. And its synonym G. Glabra Var Glandulifera Reg. & Herd which grows in Khorasan.
Asperima L. which grows in Hamedan, Qazvin and Azarbaijan.

Medicinal part

Roots form the medicinal part of the Licorice.

Licorice chemical composition

The sweet factor glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhetinic acid and glycyrrhizic acid are present in roots. The root also bear glucose and sucrose (3-5%), coumarin, asparagine, resin and hydroxycinnamic.

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