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How to Grow the Hyssop َAll Information About Hyssop Cultivation

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How to Grow the Hyssop َAll Information About Hyssop Cultivation

Hyssop is a plant with the scientific name of Hyssopus Officinalis from the Lamiaceae family, which is one of the special export plants in global trade.

Plant Type: A short-lived perennial shrub

 Hyssop Breeding Place

This plant grows in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, France, India, and Iran.

Hyssop Ecologic Requirements

This plant grows in every kind of soil. The proper pH for the growth of this plant is between 5 to 7.5.

Hyssop prefers well-drained soil. Very soft sand and soils full of water are not suitable for the growth of this plant.

Hyssop grows best in hot and dry weather with sufficient irrigation.

Bloom Time

In the first year of growth, the first flowers appear in early summer (June and July).

Row planting is used for cultivation, after which the plants need immediate irrigation.

Planting Dates and Intervals

Early spring is a good time for hyssop cultivation. This herb is planted in rows and requires the right depth, which is 1 to 2 cm for the seeds.

The number of seeds is 120 to 150 per meter of row length and between 3 to 5 kg per hectare.

Cultivation Method

The seeds of this plant have suitable vegetative viability and row planting is used for cultivation.


The medicinal part of hyssop is of great importance to harvest.

If hyssop extracts and essential oil are required, the full blossom time (early summer) is the best, and if the flowering aerial parts are needed for pharmaceutical application or as herbal drink, early blossom time is good for cultivation.

Seed Harvesting Time

Early September is a proper time to harvest the seeds. It is recommended to dry the seeds with the vegetative body to increase the viability of hyssop seeds.

Pesticides Suitable for Care
  1. Merkazin Herbicide;
  2. Afalon Herbicide;
  3. CIS Herbicide; and
  4. 1% Reglon Solution.
Maleki Trading Group the Largest Exporter of Hyssop

Maleki trading group is the largest direct exporter of hyssop in Iran and Asia. Maleki trading group exports the best quality of this plant in the form of EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, FOB, FAC, CFR, and CIF according to the customers’ needs.

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Hyssop Global Exports

Maleki trading group is the global exporter of hyssop with the most effective materials and the best quality as well as price among all companies exporting this herb. This holding has achieved great success in exporting hyssop to various countries without intermediaries.

If you consider the high quality of this herb, be confident to supply the best quality from Maleki trading group with safe and standard packaging.

Consultations on Cultivation and Harvest

The professional and trained specialists of Maleki trading group are with the farmers and investors in the field of export medicinal plants in all stages from cultivation to harvest.

If you want to cultivate medicinal herbs or invest in setting up a medicinal herb processing plant, packing medicinal herbs, and extracting essential oils from medicinal herbs, you can contact our expert consultants.

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